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Jim Beaver is selling 3 Steinberger guitars.


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Les Paul Invented the Steinberger Guitar!

There was a contract subscribed to by the Gibson Corporation, and Les Paul.... An aggreement as it were....
As aggreed to by both signatories, and in keeping with the terms of the contract, Les Paul brought all of his ideas to Gibson's "brightest" minds, and the Gibson think tank did'nt think anyone would pay $ 3,000.00 for a plastic guitar. So Gibson permitted Les Paul to sell his idea to someone else....
Les Paul found Ned Steinberger making award winning, world class plastic furniture for the medical profession in Baltimore, Maryland....

Ned Steinberger and Les Paul were very secretive about their agreement, so much so that to this very day everyone believes the Steinberger guitar is uniquely and exclusively attributable to Ned Steinberger. There's no doubt in my mind that Ned (A degreed engineer.)  embillished, and improvised to the highest level of sophistication, however the transposing tremolo came from more than one mind...

When a person owns extremely valuable stuff one looks to insurance to help recover if a loss should occurr...
In the late 1970's the most formadible music instrument apprasals in America were made by a company in New York trading as the "Mandolin Brothers..."
After the Steinberger Guitar Corporation appeared, I read where one of the Mandolin Brothers was on the board of directors at Steinberger Sound...

After Gibson realized the error of their way they bought the whole idea from Ned Steinberger, and as a result of the "new deal" the only Steinberger guitars one can accquire today are used...

Being a performing and recording artist, seeking opportunity in the entertainment industry, I read, and accquired all of the above information from various "trade publications...." 
These events transpired during and after the afore-mentioned information was published for "public consumption...."

I started making enough money to have a custom built guitar made for me.... I was looking for a voice signature that surpassed the Les Paul Cherry sunburst that I was using, and had the handling characteristics and feel of the Gibson Les Paul.... In other words I wanted a "Fender voice, and a Gibson feel....

One day as I was about to arrange for a custom built "All Parts" guitar from Nick Bucci at Mid Atlantic Music... (Nick Bucci taught Vinnie Moore how to do what he does to the guitar....) I found the GL2 hanging about 12 feet up the wall behind the counter of the music store.... With supervision, I held the instrument to my chest and sounded the E Major chord.... The guitar was an electric guitar, and it was not hooked up to an amplifier....

The guy that sold me the guitar said: "Arn't ya' gonna' plug it in?" Don't ya' wanna' hear it through an amplifier? I said: I've heard and felt enough.... 24 frets clear of the body, TransTrem, Fast as greased lightning without finger ease, or other lubricants, and the action was so lo that the strings, and fingerboard would hold a piece of paper above the twelfth fret tight enough that it (The paper.) would not fall from the guitar.... Wrap It Up, I'll Take IT!


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At 3:35 PM. on Tuesday, October 24, 2006 I sold both Steinberger Legend guitars to a man from Lexington, Massachussetts. The transaction occurred in the parking lot of the Citizens Bank at 146 Fox Hunt Drive, Bear, Delaware 19701.